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Launching of the Report of Media Trends: Media Representation of Women and Children Within the Media

By: Shaunee Thompson

The representation of women and children in the media was today discussed at the launching of a study on media trends. The report looks at how the media has been representing women and children for the period of 2008-2009.

According to the head of communication studies at the University of Guyana, Dr. Paloma Mohamed, who compiled the report, the data was collected for the report in three categories: general coverage of women and children, specific image of women and specific images of children. Dr. Mohamed noted that there were some important findings in her quest to analyze the collected data for the report.

Dr. Mohamed noted that while there has been increased coverage of issues pertaining to women and children, it is important to note the content.

Dr. Mohamed noted that in the stories about women and children, some form of identification was used. She noted that despite the increase of positive stories in the media about children, the portrayal of Guyanese children in the media would have been that of victim and victimizer.

Minister of human services and social security, Priya Manickchand, noted that the press has not put themselves in a position to obtain information from public officials pertaining to women and children, however, this can be changed with efforts on the part of both parties:

President of the Guyana press association, Capitol News’ own Gordon Moseley, noted that there is need for improvement in the way media personnel cover issues related to women and children since these matters must be treated with sensitivity:

he noted that despite the number of horror stories in the media pertaining to women and children, there are stories of strength, of resolve, of compassion and stories which have caused us to look at the way we deal with women and children. The report is an effort of the human services ministry and UNICEF.

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