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President Jagdeo to Meet With Clico Policy Holders

By: Gordon Moseley
With the announcement by President Jagdeo that he will be meeting later this week with Clico policy holders, there is already concern that the process that will see customers getting their money back could take an even longer than expected time. The government had committed to stepping in and honoring those Clico policies.

Some Clico policy holders however believe the government should also meet with the many insurance agents who may have a better understanding of how the company operates.

Once that is done, they believe, policy holders may find themselves in a better position when it comes to understanding just what role the government intends to play in them getting their savings back and how soon the process would begin.

The President is expected to lay out his government’s plans to deal with the fallout which took place over a year and a half ago. Some policy holders however complain that Clico itself has not been too clear and forth coming on the issue even as a small staff remained in place when workers and agents were sent home. One customer said she has never been contacted by Clico on the issue and her agent has been trying to get information but has only ended up with stumbling blocks. Like so many other angry customers, she is hoping that with answers, she is given her money.

The main opposition PNC reform and other opposition parties have been pressing for there to be a full investigation into what may have led to the Clico Guyana collapse and the investment the company made outside of Guyana. Even with the court case now completed, the calls are still there for there to be investigations.

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