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Two Americans Busted With Drugs at Guyana Airport

By: Gordon Moseley



Two recent drug busts at the Cheddi Jagan airport have local investigators following the trail and looking into the possibility of a new group that may be luring American citizens to Guyana to ferry out the cocaine. In both cases, the American citizens were brought here from the Brooklyn area. there has been the view that persons here and over in the US may be turning to those social networking websites like Facebook, twitter and Myspace to make offers and big promises to anyone who may be willing to take a chance.

Though the 2 cases may be unrelated, the 2 men arrived in Guyana mid august. One of the men, a 23 year old St Vincent born American citizen Dewayne Harry, was busted on August 29 with over 15 pounds of cocaine stashed in his 2 suitcases. It was the young man’s first visit to Guyana. He stayed at a Campbellsville hotel according to investigators. When the young man appeared in court, he first entered a guilty plea to the charge of trafficking in narcotics but when he later told the magistrate that the stuff in the bag was not his, she entered a not guilty plea on his behalf.

Just two days later another American citizen, a disc jockey was busted at the Cheddi Jagan airport with over 12 pounds of cocaine in his suitcases. The 30 year old Steven Dixon entered a not guilty plea. The DJ while in Guyana for over 2 weeks according to sources made short visits to Venezuela, Suriname French Guiana and Antigua. Investigations point out that he was also a regular on the local party scene.

Though the two men have both entered not guilty pleas, investigators want to track down the person or persons who may have supplied them both with the illegal substance and ensured that they were packed and ready to go.

A security analyst told capitol news that the fact that the cocaine was not hidden or stashed in any product or equipment but only leather wraps and hidden in the walls of the suitcase, that may indicate that someone may have been under the impression that the suitcases would have made it pass all the layers of security without being noticed as has happened in the past. It could also mean, the analyst said that the attorneys for the men could claim that their clients may have been set up by someone at the airport who could have slipped the drugs in. But an airport source said that possibility is highly unlikely because of how the system is set up. Gaining access to a bag and being able to put that amount of drugs in it without out being noticed is almost impossible, the source said. Bags our source said, after being checked in would make their way through a chute that no one could have access to. Once they come out of that chute they are lined off and scanned in full view of several persons and it’s a very short distance between the chute and the area used for additional security checks.

There have been cases in the past where drug laden bags of suitcases were able to make it pass the security checks and onto aircraft bound for the US. They were nabbed on arrival in the US. Another airport source pointed out while there may be security lapses at times, those lapses would not allow anyone to stash cocaine in a locked suitcase.

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