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GDF Reviews Security System in Wake of Breaches

By: Gordon Moseley




The GDF intends to drag before a Court marshal at least 20 commissioned officers and several other ranks who breached the standard operating procedures of the force. The move comes in wake of the discovery that several rounds of ammunition which were being used for various training and other activities were not returned to the storage facilities but rather the officers and ranks had them in their possession. The Army chief of staff commodore Gary Best said there is no missing weapon and the missing ammunition has been recovered.

Commodore Best said there was a clear breakdown in the operation procedure and the possibility exists that there could be dismissals and even jail time for those found guilty. The Guyana Defense Force has already launched a review of its security system to ensure there is no repeat; the army chief of staff does not believe there was any ulterior motive on the part of the ranks.

There have been cases of missing weapons and ammunition before in the army, some of those cases are still opened. Though all of the ammunition has been recovered the force does not know where those ammunition may have been and whether the ones recovered are the exact ones that went missing in the first place.

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