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Tyrone Rowe aka Cobra Goes To Court

By: Gordon Moseley

17 year old Tyrone Rowe who the police say is also known as Cobra was today charged with the murder of Troy Collymore who was killed during a robbery attempt at Plaisance. The young man was also charged with 3 cases of Robbery Under arms. He was not required to enter a plea for the murder charge but pleaded not guilty to the 3 robbery charges. The police also charged the 17 year old with damage to property claiming that he broke a mirror while at the Brickdam station.

The teenager told the court that he was slammed into the mirror and that’s how it broke. He also told the magistrate that during his detention he was badly beaten. He said he was beaten in the area of his stomach so that no marks of violence would remain on his body. He was not represented by an attorney. He is expected back in court later this month.

Young Tyrone Rowe turned himself into police last Thursday after calling out the media and political activist Mark Benschop to witness the surrender. The police had first issued a wanted bulletin for him a few months back without any given name or a photograph. Eventually a new bulletin was issued last week with a photograph and the young man’s real name. 2 days later, he turned himself in saying that he believed the police wanted him dead and not alive. He pointed to as evidence of that, the fact that it took the police close to an hour after they were contacted to turn up at the corner of Louisa row and Durban street where he was waiting to turn himself in. Rowe said he was not involved in any of the violent acts that he has been accused of and said the police first began looking at him after someone made an accusation that he had fired a

gunshot behind them.

Though Rowe has been charged for murder and 3 cases of robbery under arms, the force has not found any weapon linking him to the crimes. It’s unclear how the investigators determined a link. Meanwhile the Guyana Police Force is still to solve the case of the shooting death of Rowe’s older brother who was badly beaten before being shot in a Wortmanville house. The house has since been demolished and there have never been any arrests in the case.

Similarly when Rondell Fineman Rawlins was wanted by the police, his sister was shot dead on her way home. Fineman was eventually killed in what the police say was an armed confrontation.
The 17 year Cobra old decided it was best for him to turn himself into the police.

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