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Lethem Road Still Under Construction

By: Yannick December




The road to Lethem remains under construction as the ministry of works hopes to complete full restoration within a few days. Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon today said that the successful completion of the road will depend on the weather.

Just over six miles of the road has been completed. Repairs were done in several other areas. Works minister Robeson Benn who visited the area has told the government that there is need for a long-term repair plan.

Lethem was also hit by a fuel shortage which forced the power company to provide residents with scheduled power outages in order to ration their reserve. Weeks of excess rainfall in the hinterland region damaged certain sections of the trail forcing vehicles plying the route to wait for hours for a tractor to pull them to safety. Brazilians, Miners and Residents in the interior region depend on the trail for economic opportunities; it is also the gateway across the border. Trucks were not allowed to traverse the roadway until the road was fully restored.

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