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Superintendent’s Death Ruled as Homicide

By: Gordon Moseley



The Guyana Police force may now be forced to do some back peddling with regard to the case of the two police officers killed at Springlands. The pathologist who handled the post mortem of the assistant superintendant Ivelaw Murray has ruled that the man’s death was a homicide. The Guyana Police force as part of its investigations had said that the man committed suicide after killing the other policeman.

The pathologist has completed his report and believes it was a case of murder and not suicide. The assistant superintendant had 2 gunshot wounds to 2 different parts of his head, one below the chin, the other to his right temple.

From the time the police announced that the case was a murder suicide case, concerns were raised about the possibility of someone shooting themselves twice to the head.

Medical professionals had stated that it was very unlikely since the first shot at close range would have rendered the man motionless and unable to fire another shot.

Capitol news understands that the pathologist visited the scene of the shootings to get a clear indication of what may have really taken place.

No gun powder residue was found on the asst superintenant’s hand and in addition there was no spent shell found at the scene.

There are reports this evening also that the police officer who claimed that he saw the assistant superintendant running from the bark room where the other policeman was shot dead, has since been transferred and may be questioned more about what really took place.

Last week the Commissioner of Police announced that the case was still an open one and that the police force was still examining the evidence. The commissioner had earlier stated that it was a murder suicide case. Relatives of the dead assistant superintendant told capitol news that they want a thorough investigation since they believe the police force may be involved in some sort of cover up. The commissioner has said there is no cover up.

Relatives of Murray maintain that both police officers were murdered. The relatives of the other policeman killed have complained about not hearing enough from the police

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