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Mayor and City Council Responds to Downsizing Staff

By: Shaunee Thompson

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The mayor and city council is now tasked with finding ways to downsize staff as the council is spending too much on wages and salaries according to the minister of local government. Mayor Greene noted that in a meeting with the minister of local government, it was stated that the wages bill is too high.

According to Mayor Greene, while 70 percent of the council’s earnings are used to pay wages and salaries, the council is not over staffed even though persons may be idle from time to time.

Mayor Greene noted that the matter of staff downsizing is one that will have to be discussed soon because the time for payment of the staff body at the council is drawing near. When the staff will be paid is still unknown as the council is still claiming that they have no money.

The mayor also said that the council is still trying to find ways to broaden their revenue base so as to avoid having to downsize their staff.

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