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Armed Bandits Rob Mahaica Couple

The police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at about 02:30am today at Unity, Mahaica, ECD, during which Rajdeo Taijpaul, 53 years, was shot and injured.

Investigations revealed that Rajdeo Taijpaul and his wife Sumintra Hemwant, 49 years, were outside in their yard as he was preparing to leave for work when they were confronted by a group of about seven men, two of whom were armed with handguns and the others with cutlasses.

Rajdeo Taijpaul was shot to his left leg and he and his wife taken into the home which was ransacked by the men who are reported to have taken away $800,000.00 and a quantity of jewellery. The armed men assaulted the two victims with their cutlasses and shot Taijpaul to his right hand before escaping.

Both victims have been admitted patients at the GPHC.

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