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No Closed Case

By: Gordon Moseley

Police commissioner Henry Greene who is under fire by relatives of the police assistant superiendant who was found dead with 2 gun shot wounds to his head, is now saying that the case is not a closed one. Relatives of Assistant Police superintendant Ivelaw Murray have been speaking out saying they are not pleased with the way how the police was handling the matter. The Guyana Police Force has been treating the case a murder suicide, contending that the senior officer shot himself twice to the head at close range, after he had killed a police constable at the springlands police station. Relatives say the post mortem report points in a different direction and both of the men in their opinion were murdered. Today Commissioner Greene said there’s still work to be done with the investigations.

The mother of Assistant Superintendant Murray told capitol news just last week that she believes the police force was trying to cover up the case. There is no cover up, the commissioner insisted, making it clear that he has been divulging all that he knows, although he has been criticized for rushing to judgment in the case before the investigations have been completed.

Some medical experts have said that they find it almost impossible for someone to shoot themselves twice at close range to the head. Even if the first shot did not hit the brain, it would have rendered the person motionless and helpless and unable to fire a second shot at close range to another part of the head.

At first the police force claimed that the two policemen shared a special relationship, something that relatives have denied. The force is being pressed to thoroughly investigate the matter and ensure that all possible angles are covered.

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