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Ministry of Health Still Denying Dengue Outbreak

By: Gordon Moseley

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As this newscast reported 2 weeks back, there appears to be an increase in the number of Dengue cases. Over the past week alone, the hospitals have seen a number of suspected cases and more persons have been turning up at clinics across the city with the flu like symptoms which mirror the symptoms of the dengue fever.

Though the health ministry is maintaining that there is no outbreak, it has said that there have been over 1000 cases for this year already compared with just over 700 cases for the entire of 2009. The ministry has issued a dengue advisory but says there is no need to be alarmed since it is just a precautionary measure.

Persons with symptoms that mirror those of the flu are being encouraged to not take those symptoms for granted and be sure to check a doctor or one of the medical centers and get the dengue test done. Some symptoms include pain behind your eyes and aches at your joints. In addition some persons would encounter vomiting episodes.

The dengue fever is caused by a mosquito which lingers in stagnant water and feeds on garbage and insanitary conditions. Dengue mostly targets children and young adults as well as the elderly. Your best bet to stay safe is to ensure there is no stagnant water in any container in your house or yard and you ought to use as much insect repellants as possible. Sleep under a mosquito net and the use of mosquito coils is also recommended. You should sprinkle disinfectants like jeyes fluid around your yard and in the drains and Lysol could be used to spray out your home.

In some cases, dengue could lead to death, so it’s recommended that you take any illness with the flu like symptoms very seriously and don’t just dismiss it as the flu.

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