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Greene Not Pleased With Government’s Tax Payment Method

By: Gordon Moseley

City Mayor Hamilton Greene is seeing red this evening over the way the government has decided to pay over its taxes to the municipality. The government which owes the council over 70Million dollars in taxes has announced that it will pay the money over providing it goes directly to the garbage collection companies which spent 2 months on strike action after they were not being paid by the council. That strike left the Garden city looking more like a city of trash. The government’s announcement about its payment method has angered the Mayor who today said the government must understand that it cannot and should not try to micro manage the city.

And Greene is also fuming about the government making it appear as though it is bailing out the council. The government owes the council, he noted and the money being paid is part of its responsibility to pay up its taxes.

President Bharrat Jagdeo who has been talking out about the conditions of local hotels and them being a turn off to investors may have gotten fed up of all the trash on the streets of the capital and decided to meet directly with the garbage collection companies and hammer out an agreement, hoping that city hall would go along. Some observers believe the government should have been paying its taxes over all the time and should not be using the payment of taxes as a trump card to an already broke city hall.

The garbage collection companies returned to work on Tuesday. City Hall had found itself trying to get rid of as much garbage as possible while the strike was still on. There were a few persons who seized on the opportunity to start their own garbage collection companies for a small fee of course, all in an effort to rid a smelly Georgetown of garbage.

CITY HALL would like some other companies and city residents to now ensure that their taxes are paid up so that the council could get on with its work. Many persons and companies have not been paying up their rates and taxes and if it’s not one problem it’s another for the council when it comes to getting tax payers to pay over

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