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No Dengue Outbreak, But Increase in Cases

By: Gordon Moseley

Public health institutions have also noticed an increase in cases of Dengue fever, that’s according to Health Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy. The minister however cautions that it has not reached the outbreak stage. The ministry on Wednesday issued an advisory and according to Ramsammy, it’s a precautionary move.

With the garbage pile up in the city, persons should pay attention to the disposal of waste and to ensure containers of water which may attract mosquitoes are emptied.

The mosquito which carries the dengue virus thrives on garbage and unsanitary conditions. Symptoms include headaches, a sudden fever, and pain behind the eyes and in some cases a shortness of breathing. A lot of times persons mistake dengue symptoms for flu symptoms. Getting tested is what’s important.

Health officials say they have noticed an unusually high number of dengue cases over the past few weeks. They believe that the sudden increase may have to do with all the garbage pile up in the city.

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