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Police Superintendent’s Family Convinced He Was Murdered

By: Gordon Moseley

The family of the police assistant superintendent who police say shot and killed another policeman before killing himself at Springlands want an independent investigation to set the record straight. The family seems convinced that their son was murdered and did not kill the other policeman.


 The dead policeman’s mother has now released the full post mortem report as well as photographs of her son’s body as he laid in the morgue. Photographs that we examined but will not show you. On a photograph of the man’s hand, there appears to be a number of marks of violence and bruises. 


The type of injury that the family believes point to him being beaten before being shot. The photographs also show the 2 gunshot wounds that the man sustained. One at the bottom of his chin, the other at the side of his head. You could also see the slight burns where the wounds are, indicating that the gun was pressed against the flesh.


Some medical experts find it difficult to believe that the man could have shot himself twice at such a close range. The first shot one medical expert said, would have rendered him motionless and lifeless because of the damage caused. The 2nd shot which hit the brain would have rendered him dead. Either shot would have been fatal. 


But the Guyana police force is sticking to its story that it was a case of murder suicide. The mother of the man also released a copy of the note the police say her son wrote. She finds it difficult to believe that her son wrote the note although a police handwriting expert has stated that the man did write the note from all indications. The note just says SORRY MOM with smiley faces and that he will always love his mother.


The mother said she is not satisfied with the level of interest shown in the matter since it was not taken seriously from the beginning.


And relatives of the other policeman shot dead, the constable are looking to the police also for answers saying that the police force has not been saying much to them. They would like the focus that is being given to the assistant superintendent to be given to their son.


The Guyana Police force has not been saying anything much on the case, the commissioner has been trying to explain the possibilities of the man shooting himself twice to the head and it is really unclear whether the investigations are ongoing.

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