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Ministry of Health Issues Dengue Advisory

By: Gordon Moseley

The ministry of health may finally be coming around to the reality that there is an unusual increase in the number of dengue fever cases across the capital city. As this newscast first reported last week, medical officials have noted a sudden increase in the number of cases and believe it may have to do with all the garbage pile up city wide.


The ministry of Health though not announcing an outbreak of the virus has issued a warning to citizens.

The ministry of health wants you to cover all water tanks, barrels and drains as well as storage containers. And all containers which collect water should be removed from your yard.


The health ministry is encouraging citizens to cut down all bush and overgrown lots which could harbor mosquitoes’ and drains ought to be cleaned to prevent the collection of stagnant water.


Pregnant women and children under 2 years old ought to sleep under mosquito nets at all times whether its night or day. And you are also being encouraged to spray your home out with an insecticide and you should also begin the use of insect repellants and mosquito coils.


The Ministry of Health’s advisory has offered two numbers that you could call for more information. Those numbers are 223-7355 and 227-4752.


Ministry of Health officials would not go into details when contacted today about the increase in the number of cases. When contacted, a number of departments of the ministry transferred us to other departments and when we tried contacting them, there was no answer on the other side of the phone line.


Capitol News understands that the health ministry is already working on a response plan, one that will entail public awareness as part of the response efforts.


The mosquito which carries the dengue virus thrives on garbage and unsanitary conditions. Symptoms include headaches, a sudden fever, and pain behind the eyes and in some cases a shortness of breath.


If not treated, it could result in prolonged illness. Medical officials point out that many times, the symptoms would be mistaken for flu symptoms. Persons should not take the symptoms for granted especially those that may be experienced by young children.


Officials fear that the garbage collection problem in the city could lead to even more health concerns and crisis.

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