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Kadir Family Praying as Former Member Of Parliament is Found Guilty of JFK Terror Plot

By: Gordon Moseley
The attorneys for convicted Guyanese nationals Abdul Kadir and Russell Defreitas are already indicating that they intend to appeal the jury’s guilty verdict in the JFK terror plot case. On Monday, a New York jury found the two men guilty on several conspiracy charges to blow up the pipelines at New York’s JFK airport. As far as the defence attorneys are concerned the jury got it wrong and they intend to prove that just after the sentencing. Both men are facing the possibility of life behind bars.
It took the jury 5 days to return the guilty verdict at the Brooklyn Federal courthouse after just over 3 weeks of listening to testimonies from both the prosecution and defence teams. The Kadir family appears to have been prepared for any verdict.
Kadir’s wife Isha Kadir told capitol news that the family is being strong and she has to be strong for the family. Speaking by phone from her Linden home, Ms. Kadir said TO God be the glory, from God we come and to him we shall return. All the family is doing is praying and believing she said. Ms Kadir has already been briefed by her husband’s attorneys about their intention to appeal the verdict.
One of Kadir’s daughters, Sauda Kadir today said the family is paying attention to all that’s happening and will continue to pray and be strong. The US Justice system is different from Guyana she says and that’s what they’re focusing on as talks of appeal are already coming out.
Abdul Kadir, the former member of parliament and former Mayor of the town of Linden took the stand in his own defence telling the jury that he was never involved in the conspiracy and dismissed the men and their idea from the beginning, referring there to the other defendant Russell Defreitas and US Informant Stevie Francis.
During his testimony, Kadir tried to explain this photograph, telling the jury that he was just posing with toy guns while celebrating the Christmas holiday with his family. The prosecution began asking him questions about his ties to Iran, putting it to him that he was a spy for the Iranian government, something he denied.
The US government’s chief witness in the case was convicted drug dealer Stevie Francis who admitted on the stand that he hoped to benefit from the case and his involvement. Francis who is facing the possibility of life in prison for drug runnings, is hoping that when he is sentenced for his wrong doing, he will get life on parole as he would have assisted the US government as an informant for several cases, so many that he told the jury that they were too numerous to remember. He sees himself as the eye and ears of the FBI.
Kadir was extradited from Trinidad in 2008 where he was arrested while on a flight to Iran via Venezuela to attend an Islamic conference. Russell Defreitas was arrested in the US. The other Guyanese who was arrested in the case pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and faces up to 15 years in prison.
The Trinidadian man arrested and extradited to the US to face the same charges has been deemed unfit to stand trial at this time. The man has lost a considerable amount of weight and has also developed psychological problems.
Abdul Kadir in his only interview since being arrested spoke to me face to face at Trinidad’s maximum security prison back in 2008 just before being extradited. Kadir told me then that he was puzzled over the charges and saw the men as mad men when they took the plot to him.

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