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Marriot coming again

Site preparation is underway where a Marriot Branded hotel is to be built at the Battery Road in Kingston. Capitol News understands the fact that Marriot will brand whatever hotel goes on the site is signed sealed and delivered as far as the Government of Guyana is concerned.


The site has been under preparation for awhile now and today more individuals interested in the construction phase of the hotel were assessing what needs to be done. A Grenadian firm and others are expected to bid for the construction phase. The Guyana Government is likely to advertise in a few weeks for firms to bid.


Guyana has been in discussions with the Business Development Division of Marriot for several years now. A few years ago the Ahmad Development Urbahn Associates of New York made an effort to begin construction of the Marriot Branded Hotel. The sewerage system was relocated and architectural renditions were made of the proposed hotel. The project never got off the ground with Ahmad claiming that the world financial crisis hindered the funding. The Ahmad Group is expected to be the architectural consultants on this new project.


Since 2005, a local developer wrote the Marriot about a similar project. At that time the Marriott replied that it must unfortunately decline to participate in the project, due to the challenging lodging market in the country and the concurrent difficulty of justifying a significant lodging investment in the market.

According to the correspondence the hotel chain said that Marriott strives to enter into lodging transactions with its owners that are win/win and in the challenging lodging market that exists in Guyana currently, The Marriot was uncertain it could fulfill this very important goal. That was five years ago.

Now Marriott appears to have had a change of heart and has signaled its intention to brand any new complex on the site which sits next to the now privatized Pegasus Hotel.

Marriot has similar properties in neighboring Trinidad.

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