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PNC/R Continues Protest against Health Minister’s Drug Laptop connections

The main opposition party, the peoples national congress continues to press for a probe of the alleged involvement of the health minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy with self professed narco trafficker Shaheed Roger Khan.

Ramsammy has always denied any links to Khan although a letter sent to a spy shop in florida for phone tapping equipment carried the minister’s signature and appeared on a ministry of health letterhead.

With Ramsammy not budging from his position that he was not involved, the opposition party continues to walk out of the national assembly whenever the minister stands to make a presentation. The PNC members of parliament would only return when he would have completed his speech.

The walk out has been ongoing for months now and may be getting to some on the government’s side of the national assembly. A government official has described the walk out as the pnc’s way of trying to intimidate the government.

But the opposition party wants the government to come clean on any involvement with roger khan and the phantom death squad. Khan had admitted to assisting the government in its efforts to bring the crime problem under control a few years back.

A charge the government denied. He also admitted to using specialized phone tapping equipment to listen in on the telephone conversations of several prominent persons including the Opposition leader Robert Corbin and the then commissioner of police Winston Felix.

Khan who is now serving a 15 year jail sentence in the US took a plea deal to avoid serving life in prison. His former attorney was charged in a witness tampering case and it was then that revelations were made about the involvement of a number of officials in the opera     tions of a phantom force.

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