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Funeral held for Youth shot by Guyanese Police

There was not a dry eye as close family and friends and villagers gathered to say their final goodbye to 16 year old Kelvin Fraser, the young schoolboy who was shot dead by a policeman. His close friends and the young men in his family wore red to show strength and a bleeding heart. At his home, cries of anguish shattered the afternoon calm of the patentia village. Justice is all they were crying for, and crying for a young man they said was full of potential and full of dreams. A life cut short.

Outside of the home, his cousins wept uncontrollably as a neighbor played songs of struggle and resistance, songs of pain and loss.

His relatives lifted the casket with his remains and walked through the streets to the nearby church. At the church school friends and classmates paid tribute in song.

His class teacher described him as a hard working young man who was very promising.

A song was all that his grandfather offered as he sang a final goodbye to the grandson he said was always there for him.

Rights Activists Mark Benschop and Freddie Kissoon told those gathered that the young man’s death ought not to be forgotten.

Kelvin’s mother wept throughout the service with his young girlfriend at her side. Today was his girlfriend’s birthday, she spent it in mourning. Kelvin she said had promised her something nice for her birthday, a promise broken. The heart of a community shattered.

The young man was shot dead by a policeman one week ago when the police gave chase to a group of teenagers just outside the school. Kelvin, friends say ran from the scene after seeing the police pouncing on the other young men. He was hunted down and shot at close range. The police action villagers say cannot be justified, an unarmed 16 year old school boy who was full of life. A life no more.

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