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Morgan Organization on the US Radar for over a decade


April 27, 2010 – It is ten years now since the most infamous visa fraud case to hit Guyana ended, US Vice Consul Thomas Carroll was arrested and charged in 2000. He and a Guyanese man Halim Khan were both sentenced in Chicago. What that case uncovered was that confessed drug trafficker Peter Morgan was under surveillance ever since then. In fact the Morgan Organization was on the US radar for over a decade and a half. In the Tom Carroll case, the prosecution produced a list of persons to whom Tom Carroll issued visas and some of those persons reportedly had criminal records.


According to documents from the US Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service Visa Fraud Branch, the Morgan Organization was suspected since the arrest in 1995 in Newark NJ of a woman associated with the Morgan household.


The documents that were presented to the court in the Carroll case revealed that the woman and three other suspects and five businesses were suspected of being involved in an international money laundering organization. Other names on the file according to the State department’s documents were James A. Morgan, Peter Morgan and Mark Morgan. The document listed the dates of birth of the Morgans and went on to state that other relations on the Tom Carroll visa issuance list was another sibling Terrence Morgan.


The document further stated that Terrence Morgan had been implicated back in 1996 in a misdemeanor in Sunrise Florida.


All of this information was made available to the Guyana Government more particularly to the Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon immediately after the Tom Carroll trial ended ten years ago.


Over those ten years the US government moved to prosecute Peter Morgan, his sister Sabrina Morgan Budhram and brother in Law Arnold Budhram, penalties of jail time and forfeiture were imposed for narcotics related offences. The UK government prosecuted the patriarch of the Morgan organization during that time too.


A decade and a half after the US and UK raised red flags, arrested, prosecuted, jailed and forfeited, the Guyana Authorities probably are still investigating. 

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