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Hey Big Spender! Casino welcomes all

The Princess International Casino Hotel (Guyana’s only Casino) is trying to pay close attention to the persons heading into the new casino or so sources at the hotel say. Since its opening a few weeks back, just about any and every person could have gained access to the casino and place their bets although the law governing the casino business states clearly that  only foreigners and registered guests of the hotel are to be allowed into the casino facilities to gamble.


What has been happening over the past couple of weeks is that the casino became a regular hang out spot for many young Guyanese who were able to simply walk in and place bets without anyone asking them any questions.  Sources at the hotel told capitol news that some persons have been registering and spending weekends at the hotel. No problem there, they can gain access to the casino. But it appears as though as long as you look like a big spender, the casino doors would be opened to you.


Today staff members were told that only the manager on duty should give the okay for non registered locals to be allowed in the casino. It’s simple one staff member said, just ask for the manager and once he determines that you have money, you’ll be allowed in. they want people spending, the staff member added, not persons there using  up the free drinks and cocktails. Although non registered locals are prohibited under law from enjoying the casino facilities, a quick talk with the manager could change that.


The hotel appears more concerned that locals are using up the complimentary cocktails that it is about them being in there in the first place.


Capitol News made efforts late this afternoon to contact officials at the hotel for a comment. We were told they were not available.


When Guyana passed casino legislation in the run up to the cricket world cup a few years back, there was an outcry from the religious community and the opposition. The government still went ahead and passed the legislation and the president wasted no time to make it into law with the prohibitions. The president complained at the opening of the casino a few weeks back that he did not like the fact that the law prohibits locals from being a part of the gambling. The same law that he assented to.


There was the concern expressed by some long before the opening of the country’s first casino, that although restrictions were in place as to who could be apart of the casino gambling, there appeared to be no plan of monitoring.

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