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FBI investigates JFK Terror Plot Again


April 14, 2010


US Federal agents and the Defence are expected to intensify investigations into the JFK Terror plot case that is currently underway in the US. The officers will conduct interviews with a number of persons who made contact with or entertained Russel Defrietas, Abdel Nur, Kareem Ibrahim and Abdul Kadir and the informant in Guyana or elsewhere. The Officers are expected to meet tomorrow morning here in Georgetown with the persons “who may have information material to the defense”, according to a court document seen by this newscast


The Four men are accused of attempting to blow up the fuel pipelines serving the JFK airport. Three of the four men are Guyanese and Abdul Kadir was a former Mayor of Linden and PNC Member of Parliament. They were arrested back in June 2007. Kadir was arrested in Trinidad and Tobago while he was en route to an Islamic Conference in Iran.


Judge Dora Irizarry is presiding over this case. She was the same judge who presided over the Roger Khan Narcotics case. The four men one of whom is a Trinidadian have a battery of attorneys representing them including a Guyana-born US Attorney Doric Sam who is appearing for Nur.


The Trinidadian Kareem Ibrahim has been unwell but stable in prison and was not making court appearances. He was suffering from Depression and Claustrophobia according to his attorney.


Both the Prosecution and Defense are preparing for a highly publicized trial later this year. Both sides have been using the first quarter of this year for oral arguments and motions in the case.


Defense attorneys and investigators have visited Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago before in an effort put together their case.


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