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AFC unhappy over the hold on Voter Education Ads

The Alliance For Change is not happy that the Guyana Elections Commission may have put a hold on those voter education ads as an election date remains uncertain at this time. Gecom was preparing for an April election date but the president’s announcement that government will put a hold on the elections until all necessary reforms are in place, has changed that leaving the elections commission to slow down its preparations. The AFC is of the view that it is important for the voter education programme to continue even in the absence of a date.


And with the main political parties being given the blame for the many local government elections delays over the years, the AFC wants to see all the proper systems put in place for the new elections.


It’s not clear just yet how soon the parties will restart those meetings to pave the way for the new legislation. Gecom had said when problems pop up, it will not be taking the blame.


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