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Casino opens


22nd March 2010



The Princess hotel is placing all of its bets on its new casino as a way of raking in bucks and ensuring the survival of the hotel in Guyana and hefty returns on its investment. The Princess Casino opened its doors over the weekend and already the company has begun an aggressive marketing strategy on the internet and across the Caribbean region hoping to woo gamblers and gamers to these shores. The Princess Guyana Casino is also being pushed at the international chain of hotels and resorts owned by the princess group. Managers at the hotel believe it’s a win win situation and they are sure to see big financial gains over the next couple of months as the brand is pushed internationally.



The princess casino is a first for Guyana and tourism minister Manniram Prahsad is hoping that it will bring increased visitors to the country, visitors needed to boost the local tourism sector.


As expected, the casino comes with some strict regulations. As it is now, locals will only be allowed to place their bets at the facility if they are registered guests of the hotel. That restriction is part of the gaming laws of Guyana, laws which were taken to the national assembly and passed by the Government and assented to by President Bharrat Jagdeo.


 It was rushed through the assembly at a time when Guyana wanted to see new hotels for the cricket world cup. Looking back now, it appears as though the President is not pleased with the same restriction he made into law.


It is unclear what steps the administration intends to take now to change those laws. The princess group in the meanwhile seems prepared for anything that comes its way. The new casino has created employment for over 100 Guyanese and some international acts too.


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