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American Woman Rows into Port Georgetown and the Record Books

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An American woman is resting comfortably at the Princess Hotel in Guyana after completing a two thousand eight hundred mile journey from Africa to South America. The Ohio native Katie Spotz is the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic. She came onshore in the vicinity of the famous Georgetown landmark the Stabroek Market after midday on Sunday March 14 2010.

Spotz was off the Guyana coast in South America early in the morning when two Texans in a Helicopter circled her location to alert the Guyanese Coastguard who escorted her into Port Georgetown. The Coastguard escort was a mere formality as the objective of Spotz’ mission was to row without any support from anyone until she had completed her journey and record. Her father and brother were on the escort boat to cheer her into port.

Spotz said that the seas were calm for most of the way but problems cropped up toward the end of her trip basically when she was off the coast of the Guianas.

She began her trip back in January from Dakar Senegal in Africa and was supposed to end in Cayenne French Guiana but added 400 miles to her route because of the heavy currents off the French Guiana Coast.

Her Hi-tech rowboat had ads all over it. She had enough food to last her 110-days. She also kept handy a GPS device and a satellite phone that she used to keep in contact with friends. The solar panels on the boat with some other mechanisms made salt water into normal safe water to drink. Of course, she had her iPod and was on Facebook and Twitter as well to help her pass the time.

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