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Simels, Ramsammy, and Roger

The Guyanese Health Minister is maintaining that he never had contact with this man Robert Simels. The Former Roger Khan attorney has insisted in a US Federal Court that his office was in contact with Minister Leslie Ramsammy. Not so Minister Ramsammy is saying and please do not ask him that again.

The US court however has from time to time produced actual telephone toll records to indicate that contact has been made or actual recordings of telephone conversations to demonstrate that individuals were in contact. It is unclear so far whether telephone toll records or taped conversations would be produced in this witness tampering case in which Simels has named Dr Ramsammy.

The US court instituted a protective order on information coming out of the case. Protective orders are instituted, among other reasons to keep sensitive information including who may have been collaborating with the investigators from being revealed.

In the meantime, more calls are being made for the local law enforcement agencies to launch an investigation into the procurement use and export of the surveillance and eavesdropping technologies. The self confessed narcotics trafficker and former fugitive from American justice, Shaheed Roger Khan admitted that he used the technology in Guyana and his former attorney Robert Simels claimed that he shipped from Guyana. Guyanese political commentator Eusi Kwayana is contending that since an agent from the company that supplied the infamous equipment visited Guyana for training then “he should have left footprints”.

It is still unclear whether the Guyana Police Force that has responsibilities for both investigations and immigration has been able to establish whether the company agent Carl Chapman actually visited the country at the time the last quarter of 2002 that Khan’s former attorney claims he did. Khan or one of his agents shipped or paid 90 thousand US dollars for the training session conducted after October 28th 2002.

It is unclear too whether an investigation has started too into the exportation of the infamous laptop or parts thereof by Simels who shipped it by FEDEX. The shipment left Guyana under the name of Robert Simels on October 11 2007 from the Pegasus Hotel.

Both the Defense and prosecution have both acknowledged that the equipment known as CSM 7806 was supplied to Guyana by a company called Smith Myers. The Vice President of the company Mark Baker is likely to testify that he arranged with Guyanese officials and or individuals, who paid for it, when it was supplied and who uplifted it along with who was trained to use it. Smith Myers has made it clear that the surveillance equipment can only be sold to Governments or on the authority of a Government or a Government official so mandated to conduct business with the company.

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