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June 15, 2009

The police are investigating an incident that occurred at about 1830h. yesterday in the Essequibo River in the vicinity of Trullie Island , where two passenger boats plying between Parika and Buckhall collided.

The boats were traveling in opposite directions and collided around a bend in the river. As a result of the impact the occupants of both vessels were thrown overboard but they managed to reach safety on Trullie Island .

However, Devon Hinds, 34 years of Linden , and Rickford Wallace, 47 years of Trullie Island , received injuries and have been hospitalized at the Suddie Hospital .


The police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at about 2140h. last night Sunday June 14, 2009, at Shell Road , McDoom, EBD, during which Kempton Simon and his wife Gloria were attacked and robbed by a man who was armed with a handgun.

Investigations revealed that the victims were in a mini-bus en route to Georgetown . The perpetrator was also in the vehicle and requested to get off at Shell Road . As he was doing so he struck Kempton Simon to his face with the firearm and took away his jewellery along with a cell phone and $17,000.00 from his wife and escaped.

Ivelaw Whittaker

Public Relations and Press Officer

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