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Waste Disposers continue strike actions

Garbage collectors remain on strike this evening even as the Georgetown municipality is still not able to pay off that $24M owed to the contractors of Puran Brothers and Cevon Waste Disposal management. Several areas in the city have been affected.

The council met with the contractors yesterday in a closed door meeting to negotiate on possible ways to resolve the matter, but apparently the contractors are still not too satisfied with the council’s response.

When this newscast contacted both companies, they indicated to us that nothing positive has come out of that meeting and they will continue with their strike action.

The council says a portion of the outstanding amount is available for payment. But this did not go down well with the contractors who opted to discontinue their services until all outstanding monies are paid up.

One contractor even told this newscast that he is totally fed up with the council’s inability to pay on time. The contractor said his company has been owed for the months of April, May and June and for one week in August last year. He further disclosed that the extra work which was done by the company after the Mashramani celebrations in February has not yet been paid for.

It is unclear how long the strike action will last.

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