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Guyana looks to protect Ozone Layer

Guyana is now among those countries in the world that has put measures in place to protect the ozone layer from harmful chemicals that pollute the atmosphere.

One move in this direction is the hosting of an inception workshop by the Agriculture Ministry to enlighten refrigeration and air conditioning technicians about the effects of using Hydro- Chloro- Fluro- Carbons.

HCFC are potent green house gases released from refrigerators and air conditioners that can be damaging the ozone layer.

According to Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud, the inception workshop is also a step to help the government prepare a phase out management plan by the year 2030.

The Agriculture minister also pointed out that measures are also being put in place to reduce Green house gas emissions and to take the necessary actions to strengthen the country’s capacity to adapt the impacts of climate change.

Guyana has been a member of the Montreal Protocol on Substances and the Vienna Convention for the protection of the Ozone Layer since 1993.

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