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Simels Case Defence wants more Information

Now the other defendant in the case of the former Roger Khan Robert Simel wants more information on the equipment the US authorities seized from the law offices.

Simels’ associate Arienne Irving through her attorney wants the US government to produce the actual eavesdropping equipment so that an independent expert can check it out. Both Simels and his associate have been charged with the importation and possession of the eavesdropping equipment Khan is alleged to have used to triangulate and record cell phone calls in Guyana.

Last week US court documents revealed a slew of emails that have begun to connect the dots between the criminal enterprise of Shaheed Roger Khan and that of one member of the Bharrat Jagdeo Administration. The Cabinet Member Health Minister Leslie Ramsammy who carries a US passport has denied any connection to Khan. Simels named Dr. Ramsammy in a facilitating role in the acquisition of the eavesdropping equipment from a company in the United States and training in the use of the equipment from a UK based firm. Ramsammy has denied any connection to Khan.

Simels’ associate also wants to the prosecutors to identify some persons who are in photographs that the prosecutors provided to the defense team last month. The existence of actual photographs and other supporting documentation may make it even more difficult for persons from both sides of the Atlantic to deny involvement with the Khan enterprise. Roger Khan admitted that he was guilty of narcotics trafficking, witness tampering among other charges. He is awaiting sentencing. His former attorney goes to trial at the end of next month but a court hearing in the case will be held on June 18th.

And one of the contenders for the post of PNCR leader Dr. Richard Van West Charles in a statement issued today said that the Guyanese people must demand an Investigation into the criminal activities of Roger Khan and the role played by the Jagdeo administration in his nefarious activities.

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