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Fraud at City Hall

Following reports of  a multi million dollar fraud in the treasurers department at City Hall, senior officers of the council while not surprised with what has been uncovered in that department, are hoping that the new local government Reform Process will give those elected ,the power to deal with perpetrators accordingly.

Speaking at a Press briefing held today in the Council’s Chambers, City Mayor Hamilton Green said he has no difficulty in the findings of the commissioner’s report since the council has ever since been complaining of the misuse of funds.

The City Mayor said he is of the opinion that the matter, – which is still under the control of the commissioner, should be dealt with swiftly leaving no stone onturn.

Up until this afternoon, the Police did not visit the council to carry out any investigations into the alleged fraud. But according to the Acting City Treasurer Andrew Meredith, the department has been affected to some extent.

It is unclear what will come out of this matter, even as the town Clerk and the City Treasurer remain on administrative leave. It is still left to see the course of action that will be taken by the commission of enquiry.

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