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Guyana government officials stay far from Roger Khan’s investigation

Over in Barbados, the case involving 6 Guyanese who were nabbed in a drug ring that exported cocaine to that island has ended with a guilty verdict. The six were accused of shipping the drugs in a quantity of lumber about two years ago.

In the ongoing Roger Khan Saga, some of the Guyana Government ministers are doing like the Jamaicans say “walking wide” away from any connection to the self-confessed drug dealer. Although his name was mentioned in the list of persons in a jury questionnaire and other court documents, Health Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy is denying any connection to the controversial drug trafficker.

The Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has been claiming that he was not the Minister at the time and queries should be referred to the Cabinet Secretary.

The Ramsammy alleged link to the sordid tale of cocaine, weapons possession and witness tampering by a fugitive from Justice has resulted in a call for the Minister to at least step aside to allow for a proper investigation.

The Jagdeo Administration is under some pressure to de-link itself from the court case that has attracted national and international attention.

Today June 4, 2009 a long article appeared in the Village voice repeating several of the acts that Khan was said to have committed in Guyana. The article notes that the  Guyanese nation appears to be divided on Roger Khan’s role with some viewing him as something of a folk hero and other seeing him as being responsible for over 200 murders to keep his cocaine smuggling enterprise functioning.

The Village Voice article points out in effect that this is “one of those rare cases in which the gangster (Roger Khan) reaches a plea agreement with prosecutors, and the gangster’s lawyer (Robert Simels) winds up facing trial’. Simels is scheduled to go to trial on July 27th unless a deal is reached before that.

And in a related story, another Guyanese alleged narcotics trafficker and money launderer Peter Morgan was scheduled for a hearing this afternoon in the US federal court. According to the court calendar Morgan was down to enter a guilty plea to the narcotics related charges. He had been negotiating a plea agreement ever since he was brought from Trinidad and Tobago months ago.

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