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Organization of American States Meeting in San Pedro Sula Honduras

From the blue seas of the Caribbean to the wide avenues of New York City, the economic crunch is being felt on all fronts and leaders in the Americas are looking for a way out. Debate on that way out will continue this week in San Pedro Sula Honduras when foreign ministers and other government officials gather for the General Assembly of the Organization of American states.

The OAS meeting will serve as sort of a follow up to April’s Summit of the Americas in Trinidad. And many of the proposals and decisions put forward at that summit will find their way to the head table for discussions at the oas meeting. Though the OAS meeting will broadly look at the issue of violence, how violence could affect the economies of member states is the area many of the delegations intend to look at.

Taking account of the economic state of many member states, the meeting will pay close attention to investment and how member states could assist each other. Free trade is another area that will form part of the agenda for the meeting. During a recent visit to Guyana, assistant secretary general of the OAS ambassador Albert Ramdin made it clear that although the general assembly may be seen as another talk shop, there are serious issues that will be discussed.

With all that in mind, staying afloat in these strange economic times is what appears to be issue number one  for many of the member states. They are looking for help, and the United States which is home to the OAS is expected to play a key role in the financial rebound.
Of course in another few weeks, after the oas meeting, its all back here to ny for more discussions….and hopefully some action.

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