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PNC/R is speaking out on the loss of EU Funds

The main opposition party the people’s national congress reform is upset with the administration for losing out on the EU funding which was intended to improve the struggling sugar sector and the diversification of the economy.

The EU pulled the plug on the G$ 6billion funding, a move the PNCR believes should not have been allowed.

The party wants to see firm action taken against those who are responsible for the loss of the budgetary support to the national treasury.

And the party is forecasting more problems down the road for the administration following the pronouncements by the British high commissioner Fraser Wheeler that Guyana may lose the 4 million pounds allocated to assist in the reform of the security sector.

The High commissioner said that he is disappointed with the slothfulness of the process and believes that some of those in government are not eager to move the process forward.

The PNC/R executive members said that the party is not buying the excuses by the government to move the process forward and believes that this is massive failure on the party of the government.

The PNCR is hoping that the government will take the initiative to kick start the programme which many see as an important component that will enhance the national security and intelligence gathering of this country.

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