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Two well known Guyanese died

We have the unfortunate task this evening to note the passing of two well known Guyanese.

Popular Calypsonian 76 year old Lady Guymine passed away last night at the Georgetown Hospital. Guymine who won the Calypso monarch title in Guyana and numerous other Calypso contests came back to Guyana recently after some time in the United States.

She entertained audiences in the Caribbean and North America with her widely popular Granny Fit and her showmanship.

She was honoured by the Guyana Folk Festival Committee in NY before returning to her Dowding Street Kitty residence. Lady Guymine whose real name is Monica Chopperfield was the recipient of the Medal of Service.

And another Guyanese who hailed from Kitty, Dr Ivan VanSertima known for his contentious work ” They came before Columbus “passed away in the United States.

Professor Van Sertima began his more than 30-year teaching career at Rutgers University in NJ. He has addressed topics in literature, linguistics, anthropology and history. Van Sertima has written a number of books in which he argues that the Ancient Egyptians were black
His 1976 book They Came Before Columbus was a bestseller and achieved widespread fame for his claims of prehistoric African influences in Central and South America. It did not receive much professional attention when published, and has been criticized by academic specialists.
Professor Van Sertima was 74.

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