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Police to step up security again over prison break

The Georgetown prison is once again reviewing its security system after a prisoner almost made good his escape from what should be a maximum security facility at the camp street jail. The prisoner made his way away from a church service at the prison, climbed to the top of a security boot that should be used for security monitoring and over the barbed wire fence. He was only caught when a woman alerted police after seeing him limping along the street, he suffered a fractured leg from the freedom jump. Even the security cameras that we are told are working, missed the entire episode, prison guards were unaware about what was taking place just on the outside although there is a steady presence of police and soldiers outside of the prison. The young man was quickly arrested and taken back inside the maximum security facility.

Today Home Affairs minister Clement Rohee said in his view what the incident highlighted is the fact that it’s not that easy to make a jump for freedom from the camp street jail.

Rohee who has been strongly defending the conditions of the prison facilities in the country and security arrangements at those facilities said the security system can only get stronger and will be balanced on the side of the prison service.

Just over 5 years ago, a major prison break at Camp Street forced the authorities to beef up the security arrangements there. 5 prisoners shot their way out of the facility killing a prison guard in the process and critically injuring another. They were all eventually killed after months of a murderous rampage.

But the local prison service continues to face a number of challenges including a severe shortage of staff. The prison currently has over 1200 prisoners and less than 100 prison guards.

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