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Guyanese complain of house raids in Barbados

The Barbadian government is stepping up its crack down on illegal immigration and over the past week there have been a number of raids in various areas across the island suspected of having large Guyanese population.

Many Guyanese in the island are now expressing their fears over the new style of Bajan immigration and the security forces in the island.

Homes are being searched and those suspected of being in the island illegally are being arrested and detained until their status is determined. Reports indicate that many of them are being held at a holding facility at the island’s airport.

And many more Guyanese are also complaining about being pointed out on public transportation and being scrutinized although they are legal. There is also the problem of some Barbadian citizens calling in immigration on other nationals they suspect to be illegal.

At the airport in Barbados, many Guyanese nationals arriving in the island are also finding themselves coming under questioning about their real reason for visiting in the island. Several persons have also been denied entry into the island.

Home Affairs minister Clement Rohee yesterday told capitol news that he has been following the developments in the media but is unaware of any official information with regard to Guyanese being sent back home.

The Barbadian government has introduced a new policy that will see Guyanese and other Caribbean nationals in the island being sent back home unless they legalize their immigration status in the island. They have until the end of this month to make that move, and if they don’t they have until December to voluntarily depart the island or face possible deportation.

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