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Airline Officials move to improve service for the summer

Airlines operating within Guyana have already started to put plans in place for the influx of visitors expected during the July/August vacation. This was signaled at a meeting with the Tourism minister Manniram Prashsad and airline officials today.

While many passengers have complained of distasteful experiences in the past-from lost baggage to delay flights, airline officials are reporting that better arrangements and security measures are in place to deal particularly with lost and delay baggage.

Country Manager of Caribbean Airlines Carlton Defour said the airline has already set up a task force to look into this situation.

Meanwhile area manager for Delta Airlines junior Horatio disclosed that his airline starting from July 1st will require all passengers to pay a fee of $50US for a 2nd luggage.

And pointing to the need to have more immigration officers at the airport during this time, Minister Prashad said he has received word that more immigration officers will be deployed to ensure that passengers do not have to wait for any length of time.

The other airlines -Liat, Meta and Travel Span ‘are also promising passengers a prompt and efficient service during this period.

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