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Police to clean up prison services

There continues to be major problems with policing and how some police officers carry out their work. This was the scene captured by a private citizen 2 days ago in down town Georgetown as a police officer tried to pull over a driver over a suspected traffic violation.

As expected, several persons gathered and were all perturbed by the policeman’s actions. And scenes like this are nothing new. There have been similar cases in the past. It’s a growing problem that police forces across the region face. Aggressive cops, un cooperative citizens and the two never go hand in hand. Caribbean police commissioners intend to change all that through training. They have committed themselves to assisting each other through various training programmes and international agencies are also expected to play their part in solving the problem. Barbadian police commissioner Darwin Dottin said solving the problem may not be as easy as it appears.

Then there’s the problem of the conditions of some police stations and holding facilities for criminal suspects. These photos taken with a cellphone highlight the problem at the brickdam lock ups. Persons being held there would have to sleep side by side in the most insanitary conditions. They would have to bathe, excrete waste and eat in the same area. Caricom has been paying attention to the problem and believe regional police forces ought to put their houses in order. That may be easier said than done and might have to bring together assistance from persons outside the force with commitment from the governments.

Human rights groups have been lashing out at the Guyanese authorities for the filty state of many of the county’s prisons and holding facilities. The home affairs minister while admitting the problem exists is of the view that persons should stay out of trouble to avoid the mess.

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