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GTT and Digicel sign an interconnection agreement on texting

GTT & DIGICEL have signed an interconnection agreement for text messaging, so now you’ll be able to send your digicel friend a text from your gt&t phone and vice versa. The agreement was long in the making and was something that digicel was pushing for, GTT also wanted the agreement but the two companies had a couple of differences now it seems as though they have worked out their differences and happy texting between the networks, of course there’s a price attached to that and it may be a little more than a dollar.

The Guyana Bank for trade and industry limited GBTI is celebrating its 22nd anniversary and the company is reporting that it is in a strong financial position. GBTI’S ASSETS total close to 50 billion dollars, representing 21.5% of the assets of the local banking sector.

GBTI is the 2nd largest bank in the country and says it will remain committed to devising innovative strategies for the customers while adhering to the principles of good governance.

The bank has several activies planned in celebration of the milestone including a schools impromptu speaking competition.

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