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GECOM Building dispute with KP Thomas in court

Arguments began on Friday May 15 2009 in the matter involving the non-payment of rent by the State (The Republic of Guyana) to KP Thomas Company over the occupation of the GECOM (The Guyana Elections Commission) building on High Street in Kingston, Georgetown. The Attorney for the tenants submitted that he needed more time to raise some preliminary objections to the issues brought by the Landlord (The KP Thomas Company).

The matter came to a head a few weeks ago when the Landlord was forced to place concrete dividers to prevent GECOM employees from continuing to occupy the building because of the failure of the State to meet its financial obligations. Rent was supposed to have been paid quarterly but the Administration apparently decided that a prior disagreement with another part of the estate of KP Thomas needed to be settled before any further payments could be made.

The Guyana Minister of Works, Robeson Benn brought in bulldozers and a crane to remove the concrete dividers. The Minister contended that the owners had blockaded a government occupied building. GECOM was quick to point out that its office was a constitutional one and not a government office.

A director of KP Thomas, Mr. Kenrick Thomas said that it was unfortunate that the company had to take such drastic action to highlight its plight but a position had been arrived at to allow the state employees to continue to work in the building. The matter ended up in court.

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