When President Jagdeo accuses the US and other Developed societies of lecturing Guyana and other Caribbean Countries on issues such as Drugs, he claims that the reports are wrong. What the President does not say or perhaps does not know is that some of the investigations of crimes overseas reveal a lot more information of Guyanese crime rings than the Guyanese authorities would want revealed.

In a case that has been ongoing in the United States for nearly four years now, not only has the prosecution revealed material but the defense has also been having its say. The case in point is the Sharwin Lilly case. In a letter objecting to a Pre-sentence Report an attorney for one of the defendants claimed that there are a number of small errors in the report.

In the Guyanese context, some of the so called small errors are really condemnations. Specifically the Defense document speaks to the participation of his client with Lilly and another individual known as Buckman and yet another person known as Moses. Information was also provided on David Sals and Tall Man. The fact that the defense and prosecution lawyers in the United States can mention individuals by both real names and aliases and time and places of conspiracies and drug transactions is significant.

In addition to all of that the defense document which is a response to the prosecution and the Court’s report states very clearly that it is dangerous to cooperate with the Feds for Guyanese on both sides of the Atlantic. The court document refers to the fact that when those who conspired to import Drugs into the US from Guyana learnt of the particular individual’s cooperation they threatened the cooperating client. And things got uglier than a simple threat.

In November of 2006, following additional threats from unknown people that the cooperating individual and his family would be slain the man’s twenty year old stepson a guy by the name of Earle was kidnapped in Brooklyn. The charred corpse of the twenty year old was subsequently found. He was apparently tortured and then immolated with gasoline. According to the Defense document, this form of death is used with some frequency by Guyanese drug traffickers and an assassination of this sort is meant to send a message.

Guyana has from time to time objected to the characterization that the drugs dealers have given it. The real problem is that the information from these investigations is out there for all who wants to see or study it.

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