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Political parties play blame game on election delay

Even as the ruling party and the main opposition party continue to share the view that the local government reform process is critical to democracy, -the blame game as to who delayed the local government elections continue.

In all of this, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has taken a definitive stand to go to parliament and enact the legislation with the hope of staging the elections sometime this year.

Disappointed with the ways things have turned out, the People National Congress/Reform (PNC/R) believes that certain tactics were used by the administration to frustrate the process.

The main opposition party said while it continues to hold onto its position that local government reform would deepen democracy in Guyana, it is of the opinion that the ruling party may not be cognizant of the implications this could have on the development of the country.

PPP/C’s cabinet secretary Roger Luncheon said his party is now looking ahead to have an early staging of the elections despite the sudden illness of the opposition leader.

The work of the task force on local government reform was aborted since it was believed that the committee had been dragging its feet and prolonging the process.

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