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Guyana Gov’t moves to improve development agenda

Adequate access to reliable socio-economic data is fundamental in the decision process of governments in pursuing its development agenda.

It is on this note that a social statistics and policy analysis project was brought into fruition to assist the Guyana Government in monitoring the Millennium Development Goals and Poverty Reduction Strategy as well as developmental programs in several sectors within the country.

The project has been a joint initiative by the Ministry of Finance and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB),that funded $3.4 M USD.

At the final evaluation for the project a minister within the Ministry of Finance Jennifer Webster said that there have been several issues and challenges surrounding the access of socio-economic data in Guyana.

Meanwhile Country Representative of the IDB, Marco Nicola, in his remarks said that information from a number of sources reveal that data is now of a much better quality and that this is very evident in the statistical bulletins coming out of the ministries of Health, Education , Labor and Home Affairs.

It is further expected that the Social Statistics and policy analysis project would improve and sustain the capacity of the country to generate social data, to undertake evidence based policy analysis and to monitor the country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.

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