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Violent behavior by children may be linked to Child Abuse

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Acts of violence perpetrated by children and adolescents are believed to be a direct result of child abuse- a societal problem that has begun to gain the attention of many.

In light of that recent incident involving a teenaged girl and her step father in the village of Plaisance which proved fatal last Thursday, there are reports that the child may have been a victim of child abuse which made her retaliate by killing her stepfather.

Speaking with Capitol News on this issue of violence and children, Child Specialist Dr. Faith Harding explained that violent behavior in children can either be genetically or environmentally inclined.

Dr. Harding who has been a child specialist for the past thirty five years pointed out that

there are other ways to discipline a child other than way of flogging.

When asked what advice would she give to parents who find it difficult to deal with children that are unstable or may be considered unmannerly, Dr. Harding said that parents should always try to find the root cause of a child’s violent behavior and seek professional help.

Violent behaviors in children and adolescents can include a wide range of behaviors such as explosive temper tantrums, physical aggression, threats or attempts to hurt others including homicidal thoughts and the use of weapons.

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