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Brazil opens Takutu bridge, Guyana protests.

Brazillian officials are reporting that the Takatu Bridge which links Guyana and Brazil has been officially opened, but the Guyana Government is denying this.

Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues at a press briefing today said that Guyana has not concluded consultations with the Brazilian government, for a date for the official opening of the bridge.

The Foreign Affairs minister added that the Brazilian Government sometime last week through its embassy in Georgetown, had indicated to the Ministry that steps are being taken to commission as soon as possible.

The Takatu Bridge is a collaborative effort between the Governments of Guyana and Brazil, in an effort to foster close ties particularly in the area of Trade.

Recent reports in the press disclosed that last weekend there was a commissioning ceremony of the bridge which was only attended by Brazilian officials. Reports also stated that the bridge was officially handed over by contractors to the Brazilian State, allowing for the free movement of vehicular traffic and pedestrian across the structure.

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