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Tragedy on the Demerara, several injured in boat

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A friday mid morning boat collision in the Demerara river close to the Georgetown ferry stelling left several persons injured.
According to passengers the sailing got rough when they were close to their destination at Stabroek Market.
They recalled the vessel coming full steam in their direction and the speed boat captain and bowman decided to anchor to avoid a mishap, but those efforts failed and the vessel and speedboat collided.
The speedboat captian said that he turned the boat to avoid further problems and safely managed to bring the boat to a stop.
By this time he noted that several other boats were on the scene to rescue the trapped passengers.
The captain and crew on the vessel then sped away from the scene leaving the injured clinging for life mid stream in the river.
The coast guard was alerted and apprehended the vessel which was brought to the coast guard headquarters.
An investigation is on the way into the matter by the transport and harbours authorities.

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