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Mrs. Hoyte to finally get her pension.

Former first lady Mrs. Joyce Hoyte is now expected to receive her pension entitlements owed to her since 2004, following the passing of the President’s pension bill in the national assembly last evening.
The delay of Mrs. Hoyte pension entitlements as the former first lady of this country was due to uncertainties the administration had surrounding the entitlement of a president’s widow under the president’s pension act of 2004.
While it was pointed out by the finance minister that the 2009 bill has cleared up all the uncertainties, PNC/R parliamentarian Winston Murray in an interview with this newscast said there was no need for a new bill to be passed since the previous bill was very clear.
Murray further disclosed that consultations with legal minds also confirmed that Mrs. Hoyte could have benefited under the previous act.
Refusal by the government to pay the former first lady her pension has raised several concerns in sections of the society since the other former first Ladies, Mrs. Janet Jagan-up to the time of her death and Mrs. Doreen Chung, receive their late husband’s pensions.

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