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Guyanese Americans Vote for Obama

Throughout the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut where the largest number of Caribbean Guyanese Americans reside, the expectation was evident throughout the day as Americans turned out in their numbers to vote.


From as early as five thirty in the morning before birds started chirping in the fall trees, persons were lining up to make their voices heard in this historic election.


There was equally high interest from the Foreign Press in the New York area who gathered to report on the end of a nearly two year campaign that has generated interest in the democratic system across the world.


For all intents and purposes it was the first time that an ethnic minority candidate was a major party candidate.


According to US university lecturer Guyanese Dr. Wazir Mohammed who was observing the process out in Indiana, what this election demonstrated is the elevation of grassroots participation in the process. He observed that it was more than a campaign it is a movement, a movement driven by a transformational candidate and a generational difference in the approach to politics. Mohammed speaking from Indiana said whatever the outcome it means a change the way the world looks at democratic systems and the involvement of people in that process.


Guyanese Americans who have largely settled in enclaves like Brooklyn Queens and Schenectady in the New York area, Atlanta in Georgia and Miami in Florida indicated that for this particular election the excitement of involvement was it. However it turns out they still feel that they were all involved.

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