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Search continues for missing US Aircraft

There’s still no sighting of that US registered aircraft which is believed to have gone down in the Chi-Chi area in Region one since Saturday.


Search and rescue teams continued their operations in the area with the assistance of the US military which is providing air support. Reports indicate that none of the Guyana Defence Force’s choppers are a part of the search and rescue.


The aircraft, a beech king air departed the Cheddi Jagan airport on Saturday afternoon to carry out surveillance works in the interior district for a mining company. Contact was lost with the aircraft and the 3 persons on board just over an hour later.


The area is heavily forested and so rescue teams have been forced to continue flyovers, hoping to spot the aircraft. So far, only daytime searches have been carried out because of the terrain of the area and the weather pattern there. Night searches have been ruled out this newscast understands.


According to the Civil Aviation Authority here, after contact was lost with the small aircraft, air traffic control alerted other aircraft in the area to try to establish contact with the beech-craft. Those efforts failed. The United States military southern command was also contacted for any reports of emergency distress signals. The unit never received any such signals.


Two british choppers which are in Guyana as part of a training programme have been leading the searchers along with 2 chartered aircraft from air services. It is unclear why the GDF’s air corps did not dispatch any of its aircraft to assist with the search, however capitol news has learnt that a GDF pilot and other soldiers are a part of the rescue team, working along with the British.


The GDF only has one working helicopter right now, GDF 1, a bell 206 chopper which one aviation expert said should have been dispatched immediately to the area on the first reports of the lost contact.

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